Nos Algorithmes

Futures, ethics and opportunities for public algorithms

Between exploration and experiment, we question the reasons for implementing or not a public algorithm, for today as for tomorrow.



of public algorithms

A study about the imaginaries behind public algorithms, between myths and realities.

Image d'illustration : Silhouette se détachant d'un fond fait de données numériques et de graphiques


of public algorithms

A series of six design fiction scenarios exploring future applications and implications of public algorithms.

Preview of the scenario "Humanity Tokens"


of public algorithms

A playful toolkit to collectively discuss and evaluate the impacts of public algorithms.

Aperçu des cartes du kit-jeu l'Algora

About Nos Algorithmes

Nos Algorithmes (Our Algorithms) is a collaborative project exploring the questions of ethics and opportunities for public algorithms, in the light of the present and futures.

Many questions are at stake: when should we build or not build an algorithm? What are the alternatives to this digital processing? What are the unexpected consequences following the implementation of such a system?

Nos Algorithmes looks at the reasons and transformations leading to make, unmake, remake a public algorithm.

The project is both a sidestep and a leap forward, dropping the notions of user experience, agile development or legal compliance for the concepts of imaginaries, speculation and co-(de)construction.

The perspectives explored by Nos Algorithmes are not a roadmap, neither a vision for a preferable future. On the contrary, they are provocations asking us what we can expect from public algorithms, for today as for tomorrow.


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DESIGN FRICTION is a design fiction studio ambitioning to open and enrich the imaginaries related to possible futures. Through speculative scenarios, Design Friction intends to provoke thoughts and debates about our expectations for tomorrow, and in return foster decision-making today.


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ETALAB is a division from the direction interministérielle du numérique (French interministerial direction for digital affairs), working for the French Government and coordinating the national data policy. In this context, Etalab helps French administrations in their work on the questions of public algorithms transparency and ethics.

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